Vegetable capsules, available in Dry tube pack of 30 pieces.

The pharmaceutical forms of the Lactoflorene® Plus product range aim to guarantee a greater stability of the typed probiotics and allow the lactic cultures to arrive alive and active in the intestine.


Lactoflorene® Plus

Dietary supplement based on live lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action.

Indications for use

Lactoflorene® Plus is indicated in cases where there is an alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora – dysbiosis – caused by antibiotic therapies, flu, travel with climatic and hygienic changes, eating disorder, reduced dietary fiber intake.

Description of the product

Lactoflorene® Plus is a dietary supplement based on live lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action for balancing the intestinal bacterial flora, enriched with B vitamins and Zinc for immune defences.
The use of Lactoflorene® Plus is important when the intestinal flora is lacking, following the use of antibiotics or eating disorders that weaken it.
Zinc contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
Furthermore, Lactoflorene® Plus contains B vitamins that promote energy metabolism.

Gluten free and lactose free.


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posologia1 – 2 vegetable capsule per day.

In the case of simultaneous administration of antibiotic therapies it is recommended to take Lactoflorene Plus a few hours away from the drug.