lactoflorene mini drops

Preparation for instant suspension, 6 ml – 1 g.

Lactoflorene® Minigocce

Dietary supplement with probiotic lactic acid bacteria.

Indications for use

Lactoflorene® Mini Drops is indicated when there is an alteration of the gut microbiota – dysbiosis. It is particularly indicated when taking antibiotics or as a result of eating disorders.

Description of the product

Lactoflorene® Mini Drops is a dietary supplement with lactic acid bacteria that provide a probiotic action which help balance the gut microbiota.
Its neutral and short lived taste makes it suitable for infants and children and also in adults who cannot tolerate stronger aromas and have difficulty swallowing.

Gluten and lactose-free.


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posologia1 dose per day, away from meals.

The notch on the dropper indicates the daily dose, which corresponds to 0.6 ml or 16 drops.
For infants, the product can be mixed with milk at the temperature it is normally given.