plus children

Available in 7, 12 and 18 vial format with separator cap.

The long-life vial with dosing cap is designed to give the Florene Blend greater stability and allow the lactic acid bacteria to remain viable and active in the intestine.

Lactoflorene® Plus Children

Dietary supplement with probiotic lactic acid bacteria indicated for children.

Indications for use

Lactoflorene® Plus Children iscated when there is a change in the gut microbiota – dysbiosis. It is particularly indicated when taking antibiotics and for seasonal illnesses.

Description of the product

Lactoflorene® Plus Children is a dietary supplement with probiotic lactic acid bacteria which help balance the gut microbiota in children. Enriched with Zinc and B Vitamins.
Zinc contributes to good immune system functioning and the B vitamins aid in energy metabolism.

Gluten and lactose-free.


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posologia1 vial with separator cap per day.
If taken simultaneously with antibiotics, it is recommended that Lactoflorene Plus Children be taken a few hours before or after taking the drug.