Flacone 10ml.


Fiale monodose da 0,5 ml senza conservanti.

Afomill® Refreshing Soothing Eye Drops

Indications for use

Afomill® Refreshing Soothing is indicated for tired eyes. Afomill® Refreshing Soothing is based on distilled water of Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Euphrasia.

What is it?

The distilled waters inside Afomill® Refreshing Soothing thanks to their soothing properties help the eyes to regain their daily well-being.
Witch Hazel distilled water has a refreshing and astringent effect; Chamomile distilled water has a calming action and finally Euphrasia distilled water performs a soothing action.
Afomill® Refreshing Soothing can be used in case of sleepless nights, hours in front of the computer screen, smoky rooms or with stale air, excessive exposure to sunlight to help restore freshness to the eyes. It doesn’t burn.
It is available in 10 ml multi-dose bottle and in 0.5 ml each single-dose vials without preservatives.


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The product is for external ophthalmic use only. The multidose bottle must be used within 28 days from its opening; the contents of the vials must be used entirely at the time of opening.
If the product is used continuously for more than thirty days, consult your doctor. Store away from light and heat sources. Do not use the product in case of damaged package or after the expiry date indicated on the package.
Keep out of reach of children.

Carefully read the package leaflet:
Afomill® Refreshing Soothing package leaflet
Afomill® Refreshing Soothing Single-Dose package leaflet

It is a EC 0546 medical device.
Carefully read the warning and instructions for use.
Approval of 10/04/2018

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