Pumilene® Onda – Cold Humidifier.

Pumilene® Onda Cold humidifier

Indications for use

Pumilene® Onda is a cold humidifier.

Description of the product

Pumilene ® Onda is the cold humidifier that uses ultrasound technology to create a mist of micro water particles with cold vapour emission with adjustable and silent nebulization.

Both in winter and in summer, heating and air conditioners reduce the humidity in the air and this can lead to dryness of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (respiratory difficulties, colds, hoarseness, sore throat), dry skin and dry eyes. In these cases it is important to use a cold humidifier to bring back the ideal percentage of humidity in the environment.

AVVERTENZEPlace the appliance in the chosen area so that the nebulization is not directed towards people, furniture, curtains, walls, electrical appliances or objects sensitive to water and/or humidity.
Remove the cover, fill the tank with cold drinkable or distilled water, taking care not to exceed the Max level indicated. Once the operation is complete, close the cover by matching the two arrows. Make sure the lid is properly seated. Connect the power cord plug to a power outlet that is easily accessible, this operation must be performed by an adult only.

To obtain air with a good balsamic fragrance, it is possible to add a few drops of Pumilene® Concentrate in water.

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