Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Indications for use

Instant is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser with a multicolored lamp.

Description of the product

Thanks to ultrasound technology, Instant forms a light mist that, together with the continuous change in colour and fragrance, creates a sensorial atmosphere that contributes to mental and physical well-being.
Instant has an innovative silent system that diffuses a delicate fragrance into the environment in only a few minutes.


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Posologia-Montefarmaco-IconLift the diffuser cover; fill the water chamber with water, without exceeding the maximum indicated level. Add drops of pure essential oil based on the intensity of the desired fragrance and the largeness of the room. Only use pure essential oils, such as Vapo Essentia Fragrances. Close the cover and insert the plug of the Instant into the electrical outlet and press the power button, choosing the preferred mode.

Change the function by pressing the ON/OFF button. NEBULIZATION LIGHT
1 time ON Changing colours
2 times ON Single colour of your choice
3 times ON OFF
4 times OFF OFF

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