Available in 10 vial format with separator cap.

Vitalmix® Royal Jelly

Dietary supplement with Vitamin C from Acerola, lyophilized royal jelly and flower pollen.

Indications for use

Vitalmix® Royal Jelly with Royal Jelly and Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal psychological function as well as the normal functioning of the immune system.

Description of the product

Vitalmix® Royal Jelly contains royal jelly, flower pollen and Vitamin C from Acerola cherries.
The lyophilized royal jelly – with a content greater than 3.5% of 10-HDA (trans-10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) – is a guarantee of the product’s high quality. Vitamin C also helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Gluten-free and naturally lactose-free.

Posologia-Montefarmaco-Icon1 vial with separator cap per day, preferably in the morning to encourage children to take it. Shake well before consuming.