360 ml bottle.

Iridina® Eye Bath

Medical device.

Indications for use

Iridina® Eye Bath provides relief and hydrates tired, red and irritated eyes.

Description of the product

Iridina® Eye Bath is a solution with excellent moisturizing and soothing properties.

It contains chamomile extract, ideal for relieving eye fatigue and strain; blackberry extract to protect the ocular mucosa from atmospheric agents and environmental factors; hyaluronic acid to always keep the eye hydrated.

Iridina® Eye Bath provides relief from redness, burning, irritation and fatigue due to: prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, smog; use of contact lenses; dust or foreign particles that accidentally get into the eye; tiredness after staying in front of a video screen too long; swimming in the sea or swimming pools. It can be temporarily used to soothe itching due to cosmetics, chlorine in swimming pools, dry eyes.

Fill the Iridina® Eye Bath cup to about one third of its capacity, bend your head forward slightly and carefully press the cup onto the eye. Raise your head, keeping your eye open so that the solution can thoroughly wet the eye, also slowly turning your head sideways. Discard the solution in the cup, replace it with new solution and then repeat this operation on the other eye.

Iridina Eye Bath® is an EC medical device.
Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.
Authorisation date XX/XX/XX