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Sedipram 5®

Hawthorn food supplement enriched with Melatonin, Tryptophan and Magnesium

Indications for use

Sedipram 5® is a food supplement that promotes harmony and balance of mood and good rest.

Description of the product

Sedipram 5® is a food supplement that combines the calming, relaxing and mood-toning properties of the extracts of:

Hawthorn that promotes relaxation and mental well-being;
Melatonin which contributes to the reduction of the time required to sleep, the beneficial effect is obtained by taking 1mg of melatonin just before falling asleep Magnesium that contributes to normal psychological function Tryptophan

Posologia-Montefarmaco-IconWe recommend taking one sachet per day, pouring the contents directly into the mouth.