Available in 10 vial format with separator cap.

Vitalmix® Energy MAN 50+

Vitalmix® Energy MAN 50+ is a food supplement of Arginine, Carnitine, Vitamins and Zinc useful in all cases of reduced intake of these nutrients with the diet. Recommended in stressful periods and intense days.

Indications for use

Vitalmix® Energy MAN 50+ is indicated for the specific nutritional needs of men over 50, mainly related to problems of the cardiovascular system and cognitive functions, fatigue and muscle tone, decrease in immune defenses and bone fragility.

Description of the product

Vitalmix® Energy MAN 50+ is a food supplement with a complete and specific formula for men over 50. Contains Arginine, useful for promoting recovery in the event of debilitation and for preventing cardiovascular problems. Vitamin B12, an adjuvant in reducing fatigue. Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin K which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. Zinc also protects cells from oxidative stress, while Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of muscle function.

Posologia-Montefarmaco-IconTake one vial a day, pure or diluted in 1/2 glass of water (90ml). Shake the bottle until the powder is dissolved. While opening the vial you may see a slight leakage of the powder.