Effervescent tablet, lemon flavor – available in pack of 30.


Vitamin and Mineral based dietary supplement.

Indications for use

Multivitamix® is indicated when the body has a deficiency or an increased need of Vitamins and/or Minerals.

Description of the product

Multivitamix® is a multivitamin and mineral based dietary supplement that provides a balanced daily intake of all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Multivitamix® can be taken, for example, when the body is lacking or there is an increased need for nutrients, in situations with a great deal of mental and physical stress, when participating in sports, during periods of intense physical activity or for convalescence.
The multi-layer tablet is gluten-free (MA Formulary), naturally lactose-free, low in sugar and contains sweeteners.

Can be taken by adults and children.

Posologia-Montefarmaco-IconOne effervescent tablet per day dissolved in a glass of water (approximately 200 ml), preferably in the morning and with food.

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