Vapo Essentia Drop

Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Indications for use

Vapo Essentia Drop is the ultrasonic diffuser with multicolored lamp.

Description of the product

Vapo Essentia Drop is the design ultrasonic diffuser that combines the chromatic play of its lamp with the light misting of perfumed micro particles.
Simple to use, just a few drops of the favorite fragrance are enough to find it in just a few minutes in the environment, personalizing and creating the right one.


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Info-Montefarmaco-IconTechnical Features
Product name GOCCIA Vappo Essentia – Cod. 04276
Rated voltage 100/240V 50/60Hz
Supply 24V dc – 12W power supply with external power supply

Fill the tank with water (about 200 ml), add a few drops of the desired fragrance, switch on the appliance by selecting the nebulization speed (fast or slow) and the lamp mode (rotation or fixed color).