DUOCAM® Sachet, format available in package of 14 sachets.

The DUOCAM® sachet is internally divided into two separate chambers, which prevents the ingredients contained from interacting with each other until the product is taken, guaranteeing the best preservation of the components.

Lactoflorene® Digest

Dietary supplement based on live lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action, Ginger and Artichoke.

Indications for use

Lactofloren® Digest is a dietary supplement enriched with digestive enzymes and plant extracts ideal in case of heaviness after meals, lactose intolerance and slow digestion.

Description of the product

Lactoflorene® Digest is a dietary supplement based on lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action (Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1) enriched with the lactase enzyme and with
Ginger and Artichoke plant extracts.
Lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action promote the balance of intestinal bacterial flora (1).
In particular the Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS® -1 strain supports and strengthens the effect of the lactase enzyme (2-3).
The lactase enzyme metabolises lactose, splitting it into two simple sugars, improving digestion, even in persons who have digestive problems (4-5).
The extracts of Ginger and Artichoke help the digestive function.
Gluten and lactose free.
With sweetener.


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posologia1 DUOCAM® sachet per day, preferably before the main meal or before each meal containing lactose. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in half a glass of water (180ml) and drink the suspension obtained. Take immediately after preparation.

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