Vapo Essentia Freedom Fragrance Diffusers, 10 ml bottle.


Vapo Essentia
Reed Diffusers

Room fragrance, 100 ml bottle.

Indications for use

An essential and modern furnishing accessory that delicately diffuses the personalized fragrance so that everyone can experience stimulating and relaxing moments in the intimacy of their own home.
The fragrance is diffused through the reeds, which are immersed and absorb the liquid, spreading it into the environment.

Description of the product

Vapo Essentia Freedom is a mixture of essential oils that rediscovers the scent of the sea and the freedom of the wind.
The fresh and enveloping notes of eucalyptus, maritime pine, jasmine and white thyme recreate the lively and scintillating smell of the sea and waves crashing on the shore.

Posologia-Montefarmaco-IconLift the cap and insert the reeds, which will absorb the fragrance, spreading a pleasant fragrance into the environment. Flip the reeds over once a week for greater effectiveness.


For external use. Do not swallow.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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