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Digital Invisible 3D

In-the-canal hearing aid (personal sound amplifier)

Indications for use

Digital Invisible 3D is an in-the-canal personal sound amplifier that guarantees clearer sounds.

Description of the product

Digital Invisible 3D is an in-the-canal hearing aid that fits directly into the ear canal, and is practically invisible from view.

Digital Invisible 3D ensures remarkable hearing stability, thanks to the advanced noise canceling system, providing excellent hearing comfort even in open and ventilated environments.


Digital Superior Air 3D


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Info-Montefarmaco-IconTechnical specifications
Parameters Valori
MAX SSPL 90 111.9 dB
HFA SSPL90 107.9 dB
Peak Gain 37.2 dB
HFA Full on Gain 33.1 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
500Hz 0.5 %
800Hz 0.2 %
1600Hz 0.5 %
Eq. Input Noise Level 22,9 dB
Frequency Range ≤200 Hz ≥ 8000 Hz
Attack Time 46 ms
Release Time 54 ms
Battery Current 1.69 mA
Avvertenze-Montefarmaco-IconThe function of the hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) is to amplify and transmit the sound, and thus compensate for hearing loss. It must only be used by those who require it. Use by other people is not permitted as it may damage one’s hearing.

The hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) should only be used in accordance with the instructions provided in the package leaflet.

The hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) does not restore normal hearing and does not prevent or improve damage to the auditory apparatus due to natural conditions. Allergic reactions are rare. However, consult a doctor if you experience any sensations of itching, redness, soreness, inflammation or burning in or around the ear.

In the unlikely event that some parts remain in the ear canal after the hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) is removed, immediately consult a doctor.
Remove the hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) if you are undergoing CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging or other electromagnetic testing.

Do not use alcohol to clean the hearing aid (personal sound amplifier) and/or the personalised earmolds.

The personalised tubes and earmolds should never be rinsed or immersed in water, since water droplets may remain in the tube, blocking sounds or damaging the electrical components of the hearing aid (personal sound amplifier).


This product is an EC 0123 medical device.
Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.
Authorisation date 07/11/17

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